Ipswich Borough Council and East Suffolk District Council Refuse Planning Permission for Humber Doucy Lane Development

Published4th June 2024

Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) and East Suffolk District Council (ESDC) today issued the refusal of planning permission under delegated powers for the proposed development at Humber Doucy Lane (IBC Reference: 24/00172/OUTFL, East Suffolk District Council reference: DC/24/0771/OUT) for a mixed-use development for up to 660 homes.

After a comprehensive review and thorough consideration, both Councils concluded that, while this site holds strategic importance, the current proposal needs more consideration to meet the needs of the community. In issuing a refusal the councils are seeking to explore the opportunity to encourage a scheme to come forward that, amongst other things: is masterplan led, maximises the opportunities of landscape, ecology and open space, and demonstrably provides safe highways access and connectivity.

The decision follows a detailed assessment process involving extensive consultations with local residents and statutory stakeholders, and IBC’s and ESDC's unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest design standards, achieving sustainable, balanced growth, and dedication to ensuring that all developments are well-prepared and rooted in extensive engagement with stakeholders, consultees, and communities.

A joint statement:

"The development of new housing, and especially affordable housing, is a top priority for Ipswich Borough Council and East Suffolk District Council, especially on sites allocated within our Local Plans. With the growing demand for housing, we are keen to see this strategic, allocated site developed. However, the proposals need to align with our strategic vision for sustainable and balanced growth.

Our decision to refuse planning permission for Humber Doucy Lane within the statutory 13 weeks determination period reflects our commitment to preserving the quality of life for our residents, protecting our environment, and ensuring that any new developments are in the best interests of our community as a whole."

We encourage developers to consider alternative proposals that align more closely with our strategic planning framework and community needs. Further pre-application engagement is highly encouraged to progress toward an acceptable and exemplary scheme."

This positive and forward-thinking approach by both Councils underscores the commitment to promotion developments that benefits all stakeholders and sets a benchmark for future projects.