Ice Age Festival at Ipswich Museum attracts many latter-day cave people

Published22nd April 2022

Over one thousand people visited Ipswich Museum over Easter and saw the ‘Ice Age Festival’ there. Many attended the cave art session where children had a chance to become ‘cave people’ and to capture their inspirations from the museum displays, including the mammoth, on the inner wall of a ‘cave’ (actually a pretend World War II air-raid shelter).

Families also flocked to the short gallery talks about mammoths and flint axes delivered by the curators. Younger visitors enjoyed the storybook reading in the Ice Age Story Zone. The ‘Make a Mammoth Model’ workshop sold out and families had great fun working together to create miniature mammoths made from clay.

The museum also welcomed those who wished to explore the local geology of Suffolk and beyond through fossils and artefacts on stalls presented by the museum and also GeoSuffolk and Suffolk County Council’s Archaeological Service.

James Fairclough, Director at Ipswich Borough Council, says:

“It was great to see large numbers attend - in warm weather - our Ice Age festival at the Ipswich Museum. We are pleased that this is yet another series of special events that have been a hit with the public. We look forward to seeing more in the Museum and in Christchurch Park at the further events we have planned over the summer.”

‘Make a Mammoth Model’ photo credit: Colchester and Ipswich Museums Service