Ipswich Borough Council acts to improve air quality

Published11th February 2021

Ipswich’s Borough Council plan to improve air quality in our town received a boost on Tuesday 9 February when it agreed proposals to review the current Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in the town.

The AQMAs were initially declared as a result of high levels of the air pollutant, Nitrogen Dioxide. In order to address the levels of pollution, the Council have an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) in place containing a wide range of measures aimed at reducing levels of pollution.

There are currently five AQMAs in Ipswich and the Council is now able to reduce the boundary of another due to falling levels of pollution. The boundary of one AQMA is also planned to be amended to better ensure improvements can be made. Ipswich Borough Council has agreed to consult on these proposals with the general public and businesses.

Says Cllr Alasdair Ross, Community Protection Portfolio Holder for Ipswich Borough Council,

“The Council is working to improve air quality in our town. Others need to play their part. We monitor air quality but making improvements is also the responsibility of Suffolk County Council and the Government.

“The main cause of air pollution in Ipswich is traffic and so we need the County Council, who are responsible for most roads, to do better and for both them and the Government to invest more. Examples would include reinstating the Park and Ride near Bury Road but which the County Council have so far refused to support.                      

“Ipswich Borough Council have declared a Climate Change Emergency; are working to move our fleet to become emission-free, ensuring that taxis also improve their emissions, supporting Clean Air Day and are installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points."


Issued by the IBC press office press.office@ipswich.gov.uk