Ipswich - get active. New Sport and Physical Activity Strategy from Ipswich Borough Council

Published11th March 2022

Getting Ipswich up and about is the key aim of the new Sport and Physical Activity Strategy of Ipswich Borough Council.

We want to enable Ipswich residents to be more active, more often. With our partners we will encourage physical activity in public spaces and enable community engagement and enjoyment of the outdoors. We will work with other organisations committed to an active Ipswich and encourage people in Ipswich to be more active.

We will do this by breaking down barriers to activity, identifying and prioritising target audiences and exploring greater use of technology. We also want more active play and safe spaces where people can be confidently active. We will explore opportunities to improve community use of schools and club-based facilities as well as work with voluntary groups. We will improve signposting to increase walking and cycling and provide affordable and sustainable facilities.  Details are here – page 171.

Cllr Bryony Rudkin, Ipswich Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Communities and Sport, says:

“Through adopting this Sport and Physical Activity Strategy, the Council is working to ensure residents are more physically active - more often and in both public spaces and other places outdoors. We will work with other organisations to ensure that these changes are implemented and the facilities to make it happen are in place.“ 

Photo credit – Unsplash.com