Data held includes members of the public, current, past and prospective employees, clients, customers, contractors, partners and suppliers.
Breathing Space is a scheme that gives applicants time to take steps towards managing their debt.

The Development and Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) adopted on 27 July 2022 aims to help developers and their agents to submit appropriate flood risk and flood risk management information with planning applications in Ipswich. The aim is to manage and mitigate potential flood risk in the location and design of development. 

Grants for disabled adaptations are available to help you live more comfortably in your own home by providing the necessary alterations to meet your needs.
On 3 February 2022, the government announced measures to help protect millions of households from rising energy costs in 2022/23.
As part of the Council's drive to improve air quality, the Council applied for a bid to Defra as part of their Air Quality grant scheme to deliver a project focusing on reducing concentrations of particulate matter. The Council were successful with their application bid and have been awarded £115,632 in funding.