Bordered by the Orwell Estuary and the A14, Orwell Country Park is 470-acre site of mixed lowland habitats, including ancient woodland, heathland and mudflats.
Orwell Country Park has six pedestrian entrances and two entrances with car parks. Find out where each of them are located and get directions.
How we can help keep your workplace safe.
Where you can recycle oil in Ipswich
Ipswich Borough Council has eight bins in Ipswich Town Centre dedicated to plastic bottle and aluminum can recycling, thanks to grant funding from Hubbub. These can be found in Tavern Street, Westgate Street and Carr Street.
These online forms are available for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction
How to use Ipswich Borough Council's GIS maps.
An overpayment is any amount of Housing Benefit which has been paid to you but which you are not entitled to. This could have happened because you did not inform the Council of a change in your circumstances.