Illegal parking clamp-down by Ipswich Borough Council

Published13th January 2023

Ipswich Borough Council has issued a warning to motorists in Ipswich as it clamps down on illegal parking in the town.

Since introducing the immobilisation and removal of vehicles policy in March 2021, 213 cars have been clamped, 35 have been removed and 19 disposed of by Ipswich Borough Council.

Of the vehicles clamped or removed, a number were vehicles either not registered at all or incorrectly registered with the DVLA.

Ipswich Borough Council can legally clamp and remove a vehicle from the public highway, or a Council operated car park where a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) has been issued.  

A vehicle can also be clamped and/or removed if someone is a persistent offender or evader of parking tickets; it’s parked in a dangerous or hazardous location; prevents or restricts authorised works or events; displays an invalid blue badge, or it is in contravention of a waiting restriction.

Councillor Sophie Connelly, Ipswich Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Culture and Customers, says:

“By clamping down on problem parking in our town, Ipswich Borough Council has been able to engage with motorists who repeatedly ignore or disregard parking restrictions.

“Illegal parking poses a road safety risk to road users and pedestrians. We hope that direct action to clamp or remove vehicles, will deter people from parking illegally in Ipswich as there are consequences for such actions.”

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