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Statement of Community Involvement Review

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On 21st March 2018 Ipswich Borough Council adopted its Statement of Community Involvement Review. This document replaces the previous Statement of Community Involvement for Ipswich, adopted in 2014.

What is a Statement of community Involvement?

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out how the Council will engage with the public and other consultees and interested parties in respect of:

  • The Ipswich Local Plan and associated planning documents
  • Planning applications

It covers matters including:

  • How the Council will publicise consultations on draft local planning documents and planning applications;
  • How and where the Council will make planning documents and planning applications available for public inspection; and
  • Ways in which people can comment on draft planning documents and planning applications.

The new Statement of Community Involvement has been updated to reflect current legislative requirements and now takes account of the provisions set out in Neighbourhood Planning Act 2017 and General Data Protection Regulations. The new Statement of Community Involvement puts in place more effective means of community engagement and makes the most efficient use of available resources.

Adoption Documents 

Statement of Community Involvement Review (March 2018)

Consultation Statement

Notice of Adoption (March 2018)

Inspection of documents

You can inspect these documents at the Ipswich Branch Libraries, Town Hall and Grafton House Reception.  See Notice of Adoption for further details.

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