Steam cleaning and graffiti removal for businesses

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We have a dedicated Graffiti Team whose mission is to remove graffiti as quickly as possible.

Our motto is: “See it, report it, we’ll remove it!”

We undertake work such as:

  • graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coatings
  • high pressure washing of paths and block paving
  • chewing gum removal
  • mobile jetting of drains and gullies
  • cleaning of commercial bins.

We cannot prevent your property being targeted again, but we can help to make it easier to remove graffiti next time. We can apply a sacrificial or permanent anti-graffiti coating to your building which prevents graffiti permeating brick, stone, mortar or metal, allowing for simple, quick and cost-effective removal next time.

We can also offer a same day collect and return commercial bin deep clean and disinfect service.

How much does it cost?

For commercial premises there is likely to be a charge, although all sexist, racist or offensive graffiti is removed free of charge.

Once we have the full details and we can decide on what course of action is needed and how much we would charge for the service required.

How do I arrange the service?

Get a quote online or contact the Wastesaver team using the details provided on this page.

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