Council agrees new busking guide in readiness for Busking Showcase

Published22nd February 2024

Ipswich Borough Council has developed a new busking guide to encourage more busking and street entertainment in Ipswich town centre ahead of a Busking Showcase event on Saturday 23 March 2024, which offers musicians and street performers the opportunity to showcase their talent and follow in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran.

The guide has been produced as a result of an ongoing consultation and collaboration between the Council and the local community, local businesses, The Musicians’ Union, Suffolk Police and Keep Streets Live.

The aim of the guide is to showcase the town as a destination for performers looking to busk in the town and offers guidance on where to busk, how to set up a performance and how to work alongside the businesses and people around them.

Produced following the success of other guides in other towns which have succeeded in attracting good buskers and street performers, the guide also aims to raise standards in Ipswich.

To celebrate the launch of the Ipswich Busking Guide, Ipswich Borough Council will be hosting a Busking Showcase during the next Ipswich Weekender on Saturday 23 March 2024.

We’re inviting musicians and street performers to apply for a busking spot to showcase their talent on the streets of Ipswich. Those selected from the application process will be allocated a specific location and time slot and will be paid a one-off fee for their performance.

Councillor Neil MacDonald, Ipswich Borough Council Leader, says:

“We want to welcome more buskers and street performers to Ipswich as we recognise the important contribution busking and performing has on the town by enhancing the streets’ appeal to visitors, businesses, and residents.

With the launch of the guide coinciding with our Busking Showcase Event, we hope this vibrant and exciting event will encourage more performers to feel confident in performing in the town centre.”