Ipswich Borough Council Unveils New Corporate Strategy for a Thriving Ipswich

Published7th July 2023

Ipswich Borough Council is unveiling its new draft corporate strategy, aimed at fostering a prosperous and sustainable future for the borough and its residents. 

This strategy marks an important milestone in the council's commitment to serving the community, driving positive change, and addressing key challenges facing Ipswich.

The council will work closely with partners, stakeholders, and residents to create an inclusive, vibrant, and resilient borough.

The council’s priorities are:

  • A thriving Town Centre: Making Ipswich Town Centre the heart of the community. A place where everyone can feel safe and welcome, and where people can shop, socialise, and experience brilliant culture, and access the services they need.
  • Meeting the housing needs of our community: Making sure that everyone in Ipswich has access to quality homes that they can afford to live in. To do this, the borough needs more new housing. The council will build council homes and work to attract good home builders to the area, as well as continuing to lobby the government to build more homes.
  • A carbon neutral council: The council will take practical and decisive action on the climate emergency and become a carbon neutral council by 2030.
  • Promoting community wellbeing and fairness in Ipswich: The council will work with partners to tackle inequalities, improve people’s health, and making sure that everyone has access to the parks, culture, sport, and local facilities which improve residents’ quality of life.
  • A financially sustainable council providing good quality services: Dealing with financial challenges transparently and with the needs of residents guiding decisions, continuing to provide a range of good quality, efficient and reliable services.

Councillor Neil MacDonald, Leader of Ipswich Borough Council, says: 

“Our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to building a thriving Ipswich that leaves no one behind. We believe that by working together with our communities, local businesses, and partners, we can achieve sustainable growth, improve the quality of life for all residents, and create a town that we can all be proud of.

As we finalise our new corporate priorities, I’m reminded of all the excellent work that has already been delivered as part of the previous ‘Building a Better Ipswich’ strategy, and I’m excited to be focusing on what’s to come.” 

The Strategy will be considered at the Council’s Executive on 11 July 2023 before being debated at the Council meeting on 26 July.  For more information about Ipswich Borough Council and its new corporate strategy, please visit: www.ipswich.gov.uk

Image credit – Ipswich Borough Council