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At the Autumn Budget on 27 October 2021 the Chancellor announced the introduction of a new business rates relief scheme for retail, hospitality and leisure properties. The 2022/23 Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Business Rates Relief scheme will provide eligible, occupied, retail, hospitality and leisure properties with a 50% relief, up to a cash cap limit of £110,000 per business.

This cash cap applies at a Group company level (so holding companies and subsidiaries cannot claim up to the cash cap for each company) and also to organisations which, although not a company, have such an interest in a company that they would, if they were a company, result in its being the holding company. Find further details of the cash cap here: 2022/23 Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Relief Scheme: local authority guidance - GOV.UK (

The government has issued guidance on the operation of the scheme, which can be found here:

2022/23 Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Relief Scheme: local authority guidance - GOV.UK (

Accounts which are eligible for this discount have been identified and the discount will be shown on your annual bill. However for new ratepayers, or if you believe you are entitled to the discount, but it does not appear on your bill, please contact us by emailing

Please note there is no charge for discussing your potential entitlement with the Council, therefore we encourage ratepayers to speak to the Council direct about the discount rather than employing a third party to do this, who may make a charge for this service.  

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