Published22nd February 2024
Ipswich Borough Council has developed a new busking guide to encourage more busking and street entertainment in Ipswich town centre ahead of a Busking Showcase event on Saturday 23 March 2024, which offers musicians and street performers the opportunity to showcase their talent and follow in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran.
Published19th February 2024
Every year the Mayor of Ipswich hosts a special charity event. The Mayor’s Charity Ball brings together the community of Ipswich to support local charities to achieve great things, and this year is no different.
Published15th February 2024
Ipswich Borough Council is pleased to announce that thirteen applicants have been awarded grants to improve their facilities.
Published30th January 2024
Ipswich Borough Council will share details of its Medium-Term Financial Plan (MTFP) with key points considered at the Council Executive meeting on 6 February; final decisions to be made at Full Council on 28 February.
Published24th January 2024
The Planning Inspector has upheld the decision of the Ipswich Planning Committee to refuse planning permission for the car wash site located at the junction between St Margaret’s Street and St Margaret’s Green and which backs on to properties on Soane Street.
Published23rd January 2024
Ipswich Borough Council has received extra funding to support rough sleepers in the town.
Published22nd January 2024
On behalf of Ipswich Town Deal Vision Board, Ipswich Borough Council will soon be seeking expressions of interest from developers, property owners and leaseholders to bring empty properties back into use.
Published19th January 2024
A social enterprise’s workshop that refurbishes and recycles donated bikes in Ipswich is now in use, expanding the number of people that can be supported by its services.
Published18th January 2024
Ipswich Borough Council to move Customer Services to Grafton House
Published17th January 2024
Ipswich Borough Council is celebrating the 1,000th online repair booking made using the Council’s online repair portal.