Published17th August 2022
From Shout to James Bond, from To Sir With Love to The Eurovision Song Contest; Lulu is a bona fide British music legend. On the eve of the 60th anniversary of Shout, she’ll be touring the UK for the first time since Autumn 2019 with her most intimate show to date.
Published10th August 2022
Ipswich Borough Council has been awarded £20k from the Chewing Gum Task Force grant scheme to tackle chewing gum on streets at two known problem locations - Ipswich Waterfront and the town centre - for the next few years.
Published9th August 2022
At a meeting of Ipswich Borough Council’s Executive tonight it was announced that Ipswich Buses has stepped in to grant the last bus on routes 3E, 5E, 8, 9 and 13 a reprieve until at least the end of the year.
Published9th August 2022
Ipswich Borough Council will again hold a two-day summer festival suitable for the whole family at Ipswich Waterfront later this month following its success last year.
Published9th August 2022
Award-winning blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Joanne Shaw Taylor is pleased to be playing at the Corn Exchange, Ipswich on Saturday 10 December 2022.
Published8th August 2022
We are changing how we make planning decisions in the town to make sure we better combat climate change and possible flooding.
Published5th August 2022
Secondary school students in Ipswich are encouraged to take part in a design challenge at Christchurch Mansion with a furniture theme as part of the DesignLab Nation project for 2022/23.
Published3rd August 2022
Be more 'Brown Bin Aware' and reduce contamination in brown bins from items that cannot be composted. Material Change, our local green waste recycling facility, takes all brown bin waste and turns it into compost and soil improver to be used on gardens. They look forward to improving the quality of the compost they produce even more by keeping out material not meant for brown bins.
Published3rd August 2022
Ipswich Borough Council has submitted a ‘Get Ipswich Active’ bid for Levelling Up funding that would radically improve two sports facilities in the Gainsborough area of our town...
Published2nd August 2022
Ipswich Borough Council funds some bus services in the town that would not be commercially viable for a bus operator to operate. Although Suffolk County Council are the transport authority with responsibility for supporting bus services, the Council steps in to subsidise services to ensure their availability for those who need to travel at times when buses are less busy.