Ipswich Garden Suburb Supplementary Planning Document

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The Council adopted the Ipswich Garden Suburb SPD on the 22nd March 2017. The Ipswich Garden Suburb SPD provides a guide for the coordinated development of the Ipswich Garden Suburb area. The SPD sets out a vision for the Ipswich Garden Suburb and identifies the infrastructure and strategies needed to ensure the comprehensive delivery of the development. The SPD supports policy CS10 ‘Ipswich Garden Suburb’ of the 2017 Ipswich Local Plan. 

The adopted SPD was updated to reflect changes to the 2017 Ipswich Local Plan. The adopted SPD supersedes the Interim Guidance version of the SPD adopted in September 2014. 

The adoption of the SPD follows the approval of this document as interim guidance in September 2014. The adopted SPD has been updated to reflect changes to the new local plan which was adopted in February 2017. In association with the interim adoption of the SPD, the Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment of the SPD was reviewed and a SA Addendum was produced to cover any changes. In addition to this a consultation statement was produced which set out the consultation which was undertaken in the preparation of the SPD. These documents are available to download below: