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South West Area Committee updates

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Councillor Jeannette Macartney

With Councillor Jeannette Macartney, Chair

Councillor Jeannette Macartney is the chair of the South West Area Committee for the 2017/18 municipal year.

Contact details:

Telephone  01473 684443

Local Ward Councillors regularly do walkabouts with residents in the South West Area to get a better of understanding of local need and problems. If there are any streets you would like to suggest for future walkabouts please get in touch with your ward councillor or email communities@ipswich.gov.uk.

South West Area Update

The most recent South West Area Committee meeting took place on Thursday 8th March 2018, and it was attended by 7 members of the public.

Keep up to date with the latest news and updates from Area Committees on the Twitter page (@areacommittees). Alternatively, you can view minutes from the last meeting here.

Policing update

The Ipswich West Safer Neighbourhood Team updated the Committee on policing priorities for the area:

  • Continued enforcement on Anti-Social Behaviour and drug activity in the Stoke Quay with increased patrols of the area and intelligence feedback to identify those involved.
  • With the clocks due to change in spring time, it is a priority to keep the open parks and spaces safe, friendly and useable for all. Problem areas will be incorporated into patrol plans in order to identify any issues an offenders as early as possible.
  • Motor vehicle thefts have seen a fall in numbers after an offender was arrested and sentenced to 18months imprisonment for all their crimes.
  • February saw a week of action towards knife crime with searches being carried out of open spaces in Ipswich. The knife amnesty bin was also emptied at the start of the campaign with 495 weapons being removed.

To read further information about crime in your area, download the Safer Neighbourhood Team newsletter from the website.

You can report antisocial behaviour and nuisance in your neighbourhood online. Follow the link to our website where you can report a problem, find advice and access the Community Trigger.

Upper Orwell Corssings Project Update

The project team gave an update on the Orwell Crossing showing the works on the river bed have been completed ahead of schedule and the samples taken are now being tested. The works on land are on schedule with investigations into positioning going on, to cause as little disruption as possible in the surrounding areas. The team gave a detailed talk on where the main road bridge will cross the river and join the road network. For more information please see Upper Orwell crossings

Urban Buzz Presentation 

Urban Buzz is a Project run by national charity Bugs Life to set up 100 new pollinator habitats across the Ipswich area.  The habitats will be havens for bees, bugs and wildlife to help the wider ecosystem and natural diversity in Ipswich. The project officer David Dowding came to talk about the progress so far and appeal for locations and volunteers.  Video explaining Urban Buzz

Funding Requests

Ipswich Borough Council Summer Holiday Activities Programme

The Ipswich Borough Council Summer Holiday Activities Programme aim to offer free sport to young people, encouraging them to be more active and breaking down barriers such as travel and cost. This is being offered across all areas of Ipswich encouraging the wider community to get active. They have been granted £3,354.20 to continue their good work.

Hillside Primary School Breakfast Club

Hillside Primary School have been running a breakfast club for their students to support their students in going into class with a full belly & ready to learn. They made their club free to all students and in doing so got large numbers of attendees. By making the club free to all they have increased inclusion and reduced barriers to learning for the most disadvantaged children. Hillside Primary School were granted £5,000 towards their breakfast club and the work they are doing for their students.

London Road Allotments Compost Toilet

London Road Allotment holders have asked for assistance in purchasing a compost toilet as they frequently have schools and communities visiting and learning with them and it can be quite frustrating when they have to leave to take half of the class back due to no toilet being located nearby. A toilet being present will also allow for allotment holders to be able to spend longer and get more use out of the field. London Road Allotments were granted £7,353 to help purchase and build their toilet.

St Peters Hall Refurbishment Project

St Peters Hall Has been under refurbishment, with the church already putting money towards earlier phases. Since the kitchen is one of the last parts in need and it is a widely used building, especially with the Bight Sparks nursery being based there, the church have asked for funding help. St Peters Hall have been granted £10,172.50 to help with the project.

St Matthews Primary School Kit Car

St Matthews Primary School has done research into the benefits of purchasing a kit car that can be built, taken apart, and rebuilt for future years coming through the school. The students will even able to drive the car once built as they will be constructing a battery powered engine in this fun project. The aim is to encourage students to take interest in science and technology and to drive learning aspirations in an area considered to be deprived. St Matthews Primary School has been granted the remaining £835 towards the kit car to encourage their students to a bright future. 

Next Meeting

The next meeting in the South West is to be held on Thursday 31st May, 6.30pm at Chantry Academy, Mallard Way, IP2 9LR.

About the South West Area Committee

Further information, including access to the South West Area Committee papers, can be found on the Committee details page.

Area Committee Dashboards are produced quarterly to provide local information in a visual format for the residents of each Area Committee area. View the most recent dashboard for the South West area. If there is anything of particular interest that you wish to see on future dashboards, please email your suggestions to communities@ipswich.gov.uk.

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South West Area Committee,
Ipswich Borough Council,
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