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Frequently asked questions about apprenticeships.

An Apprenticeship is a real job with a development programme attached – a programme which includes a combination of study towards recognised qualifications, on-the-job learning, skills practice and relevant workplace experience with colleagues. Together, these help you to build valuable skills and knowledge and apply them in a real work setting.   

Here is a guide on apprenticeships.

Real jobs, fair pay, great prospects

  • Our benefits give you even more reasons to apply for an Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship.
  • Real jobs: An apprenticeship with IBC is a real job, with a contract of employment and apprenticeship training - this is so much more than just a placement.
  • Choice: We have apprentices are spread across the business, with both practical and professional programmes on offer.
  • Fair pay: We pay our apprentices 140% of the National Apprenticeship wage in the first year, and at least this amount or more in subsequent years, depending on your age and apprenticeship term.
  • ‘Large organisation’ experience: An Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship means working within a large, multi-functional business, giving you greater exposure to a wide range of customers and professions - great for your CV in the future.
  • Career links: Each Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship is built into part of our business, so your programme and experience will link well to the career area you want to work in.
  • Support: We provide dedicated support, an Apprentice Development Programme and guidance throughout your apprenticeship to help you succeed.
  • Great prospects: Ipswich Borough Council apprentices can apply for suitable vacancies across the organisation, many past apprentices are still working for us!
  • Discounts and preferential rates: Our apprentices are eligible to apply for special deals on a range of goods and services.

It is a programme of development opportunities which enhance your experience and skills, including:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamworking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Enrichment activities – guest speakers, off-site visits, team-building events, etc.

 Build the future - Take your next career step by applying for an apprenticeship at Ipswich Borough Council  

These are just a few of the careers that could begin with an Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship:

  • Business Administration Support Apprentice – Waste & Fleet
  • Sports and Leisure Team Member Apprentice
  • Community Sport and Health Officer Apprentice
  • Housing (Tenancy Services) Apprentice
  • Human Resources Apprentice
  • You have a real job, and get paid whilst you learn
  • As well as gaining a recognised qualification, you will improve your transferable skills and build confidence in your abilities.  
  • You will be learning alongside experienced colleagues and be part of the team in a real work environment
  • As an alternative to college or university, an apprenticeship is a rounded experience, where you get to apply your learning in the workplace as part of the programme. 
  • It's an ideal stepping-stone to a career – if you don’t yet have a career path in mind, an IBC Apprenticeship is a great introduction to the world of work, with wide a range of professions and crafts to discover in one organisation. 
  • There is plenty of support to help you succeed- managers, colleagues and training providers are happy to lend a hand.
  • You can also take advantage of the Ipswich Borough Council Apprentice Development Programme to enhance your learning.

Yes, and in more ways that you might expect: 

IBC Apprentices are paid 140% of the National Apprenticeship Wage in the first year (and at least that if there is a second year).  

We also offer a range of benefits, including access to free swimming, a range of travel and parking discounts, and free tea and coffee making facilities.  

No student fees: unlike a University course or unfunded College course, an Apprenticeship is fully funded, so you do not have to worry about repaying a loan at the end of your programme.  

Apprenticeship vacancies are advertised on our website 

You can also subscribe to the Ipswich Borough Council jobs and apprenticeship mailing list here.

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