Housing Asset Management Strategy

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Having an up to date Asset Management strategy, with the right approaches and actions in place to make sure the homes we provide are safe, well maintained, of good quality, and meet the needs of current and future residents is important.

A good Asset Strategy should be reviewed and updated regularly and should reflect any challenges in the coming years, such as how we will meet new or updated Government legislation, safety standards and the changing needs and expectations of local residents.

A new Asset Management Strategy for Ipswich Borough Council is needed for the period 2024 to 2030. Ipswich Borough Council has identified ten priorities, and the Council is now seeking views on which of these should be the highest priorities for us.

The 10 areas identified are:

  1. Ensuring our homes are safe and secure
  2. Delivering effective and efficient repairs and maintenance
  3. Improving the quality of our homes and neighbourhoods
  4. Ensuring intelligent, data-led asset management
  5. Decarbonising our homes
  6. Modernising our sheltered housing accommodation
  7. Regenerating, developing and evolving our housing portfolio.
  8. Embracing technology and digital approaches 
  9. Delivering an excellent customer experience
  10. Having the right resources and governance in place to deliver.

For further information on each of these areas please read the 10 challenges for our Housing Management Asset Strategy before completing the survey below.

How can you help?

Although we would really like to, we cannot deliver everything we want to straightaway as we don’t have all of the funding needed or capacity to do everything required in the next five year time period.

This means we are going to have to prioritise our time and resources to make sure we strike the right balance in delivering the works and activities across our ten asset management priorities.

The Council is inviting tenants to help us by indicating via an online survey what is important to you and which areas should be our priorities.

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 The closing date for responses is 9 October 2023.