Statement of Assessment

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Statement of Assessment 

The Council has consulted such persons as it considers may be affected by the proposed Byelaws. Relevant local groups have been contacted directly asking for their views on the proposed Byelaws as well as through the Council's website. The consultation was advertised throughout the parks and open spaces and the Council's social media channels and presented at Area Committees to make sure all members of the public had an opportunity to have their say.  By doing so the Council has been able to gauge the level of support for the proposed Byelaws. 

As part of the regulatory assessment, the Council has considered the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. 

Ipswich Borough Council believes the proposed Byelaws impose a proportionate regulatory burden. 

The current Byelaws are out of date and are no longer fit for purpose. There are also different sets of rules for different locations. The objective of the proposed Byelaws is to provide a contemporary set of rules which can consistently be relied upon in all the relevant locations as a basis for the effective and equitable management of the pleasure grounds and open spaces in the Borough. 

The proposed byelaws are based on the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Model Byelaws. They address matters that are considered necessary to allow effective and equitable management of the pleasure grounds and open spaces that are not covered under other legislation because without the proposed Byelaws the current Byelaws would remain in place.  

Where matters are dealt with under different legislation, such as dog controls under Public Spaces Protection Orders, the Council has not included them in the proposed Byelaws. 

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