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South East Area Committee updates

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Councillor Sarah Barber

With Councillor Sarah Barber, Chair

Councillor Sarah Barber is the chair of the South East Area Committee for the 2018/19 municipal year.

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Telephone: 07817286957

South East Area update

The most recent South East Area Committee meeting took place on Wednesday 18th July 2018, and was attended by 35 members of the public.

Keep up to date with the latest news and updates from Area Committees on the Twitter page (@areacommittees). Alternatively, you can view minutes from the last meeting here.

Policing Update

The Ipswich East Safer Neighbourhood Team updated the Committee on policing priorities for the area:

  • The main update was about planned changes to the local policing structure, which are in response to a funding deficit.  More Police Officers will be brought into the Neighbourhood Partnership Teams. This should mean more frontline Officers patrolling over extended hours, but the number of PCSO’s will be significantly reduced. The changes are due to be implemented by the end of October 2018.
  • Operation Parkland is in motion, with hotspots for summer related ASB being targeted.

To read further information about policing changes, see the ‘A Local Police Service for Suffolk’s Future’ booklet, and for crime in your area, download the Safer Neighbourhood Team newsletter from the website.

You can report antisocial behaviour and nuisance in your neighbourhood online. Follow the link to our website where you can report a problem, find advice and access the Community Trigger.

Funding Requests

Suffolk Early Minds

Suffolk Mind is a charity offering services and programmes aimed at encouraging good mental health. They have identified a crisis in children and young people’s mental health in the UK. The funding of £2,550 granted from each area committee will go towards running their “EARLY Minds” project at a primary school in South East Ipswich. The project aids children to better understand their emotional needs, improve their wellbeing and learn calming techniques.

Nacton Road Community Fund

The Nacton Road area of Ipswich has a close-knit community that faces significant challenges. With recent events in mind, funding of £5,000 out of this year’s budget, and the next two successive years’ budgets, will be put aside to support projects in the area that address deprivation, support the aims of the Council and additionally, enable projects identified through local consultation. The projects and spending will be reported back to the next South East Area Committee each time and any budget that is unspent will automatically return back to the unallocated budget.  

Creative Computing Club Afterschool Sessions at Ipswich Academy

The Creative Computing Club is a Community Interest Company based at the University of Suffolk and they provide technology- based learning opportunities and deliver courses on computer programming, video game design, hardware programming, web development, electronics and robotics. The funding of £9,392.00 will meet the cost of running a one-year programme of afterschool computing and technology sessions at Ipswich Academy.

Kinetic Science Foundation School Workshops

The Kinetic Science Foundation is a charity that was created with the aim of inspiring children and young people to consider a career in Engineering, Science, IT and Maths. They provide ‘outreach workshops’ and ‘roadshows’ to be delivered in schools libraries and public spaces. The funding of £1,229.40 will be used to cover the cost of a programme of ‘School Science’ workshops designed to engage the school groups in hands on science, promoting learning, good health and practical skills, in a creative environment.

Next Meeting

The next meeting in the South East is to be held on Wednesday 12 September 2018, 7pm – Murrayside Community Centre, Nacton Road, Ipswich, IP3 9JL

About the South East Area Committee

Further information about the South East Area Committee, including access to the South East Area Committee papers, can be found on the Committee details page.

Area Committee Dashboards are produced quarterly to provide local information in a visual format for the residents of each Area Committee area. View the most recent dashboard for the South East area. If there is anything of particular interest that you wish to see on future dashboards, please email your suggestions to communities@ipswich.gov.uk.

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