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BIN CHANGES - If you live in the Chantry area of Ipswich please put your bins out on Thursday evening this week so that crews can start earlier on Friday and avoid the road closures that will be in place for the Ed Sheeran concerts. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

South East Area Committee updates

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Councillor Sarah Barber

With Councillor Sarah Barber, Chair

Councillor Sarah Barber is the chair of the South East Area Committee for the 2018/19 municipal year.

Contact details:


Telephone: 07817286957

South East Area update

The most recent South East Area Committee meeting took place on Wednesday 16th  January 2019, and was attended by 43 members of the public.

Keep up to date with the latest news and updates from Area Committees on the Twitter page (@areacommittees). Alternatively, you can view minutes from the last meeting here.

Policing Update

The Ipswich East Safer Neighbourhood Team updated the Committee on policing priorities for the area:

  • Regular patrols took place to disrupt, detect and prevent the ongoing ASB in the Nacton area.
  • Patrols have continued in parks and open spaces to reduce ASB, drug taking and paraphernalia.
  • The Ipswich East SNT and Ipswich Central SNT have worked together to combat the ASB and street drinking in Duke Street. Regular patrols will be in place.

To read further information about policing and crime in your area, download the Safer Neighbourhood Team newsletter from the website.

You can report antisocial behaviour and nuisance in your neighbourhood online. Follow the link to our website where you can report a problem, find advice and access the Community Trigger.

Funding Requests

Margaret Catchpole Bowls Club Pavilion- Variation to Funding Request

Funding of £1,500.00 was allocated to the Margaret Catchpole Bowls Club in September 2018 towards the cost of redeveloping the Pavilion. The Club has completed the first and second phases of the redevelopment work and a variation of the award conditions was granted to allow funds to be released sooner.

Ipswich Jazz Festival 2019

The Ipswich Jazz Festival is a relatively new feature in the town’s calendar taking place at St Peter’s by the Waterfront Church in central Ipswich. Area Committee funding will allow for two shows within the programme to be absolutely free to attend and also to allow for 75 concession tickets to be given out for £1 per person for lower income families. The agreed funding of £581.25 will enable this festival to be more accessible for those who cannot afford to go to concerts.

Bus Service 4 (Sundays & Bank Holidays)

Most bus services in Ipswich are operated commercially.  Local authorities have the ability to subsidise bus services that are considered to be socially necessary but which are not commercially viable. Funding was requested to contribute towards the cost of operating Bus Service 4 on Sunday and Bank Holiday daytimes between 8.30 am and 5.30pm for an 18 month experimental period. This will then help to ascertain whether there is justification for long term provision. SCC have also been asked for funding alongside the NE Area Committee. 

Next Meeting

The next meeting in the South East is to be held on Wednesday 29 May 2019, 7pm – All Hallows Church Hall, Landseer Road IP3 0JH 

About the South East Area Committee

Further information about the South East Area Committee, including access to the South East Area Committee papers, can be found on the Committee details page.

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South East Area Committee,
Ipswich Borough Council,
Grafton House,
15 - 17 Russell Road,

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01473 432226